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My Name is Ariel.

I'm a 22 yr old Art student.

I Strive to be Inspiring.

I enjoy; a lot of things in life, because why not? Every single thing has something to be said, and thought about. Though I try to enjoy many things in life there are a few that I enjoy the most. Lolita, Fashion, Cats, Cosplay, Reading, Photography, and Painting.

In a Nutshell:

I'm: Ridiculous.
I'm Confident, I'm Insecure.
I'm adventurous, I'm cautious.
I'm curious, I'm indifferent.
I'm outgoing, I'm shy.
I'm multifarious.

If you would like to reach me, Please Email me At Arielelmr@yahoo.com Thanks! <3

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Slip into the night, as we wrap around each other tight,
Our bodies lay so perfectly intertwined, the stars they smile so bright,
As we look up into the night sky, so perfectly copied in your eyes,
I could only be dreaming that I am yours tonight.
Soft flesh so perfectly toned, scars showing the stories you’ve told,
All of which I want to hear, your voice so smooth as you whisper into my ear.
Too afraid to close my eyes, so afraid you won’t be there when I rise,
Afraid that all of this is only a dream,
But I open my eyes and you’re all I see.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Guts have tied knots Twisting about themselves,
Stomach getting sicker, words getting weaker.
I've got so much I want to say, it can't come out.
A whole bunch of shit I can't even spout.
Because In this world I live in doubt.
Followed by the shadows of tomorrow,
You think they don't exist, but try your hardest not to dismiss,
These sneaky little lines, they hide and they climb.
Gripping at the dark crevasses of your mind.
Slowly exposing themselves as you approach the next scene
Showing you the deeper meaning oh things you don't want to believe.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I keep looking out these glass windows
Wondering what It feels like outside this world
Watching the silent breeze pass through the flowing leaves
The glimmering brightness that is the sun, warming the pavement
But how warm is it?
Seeing the cars rush by, what hurry they’re in
What sound do they make?
I long to throw open those doors and push myself outside
To met the world and greet it as if It was a long lost friend.
When will that day come?
Please tell me, when?


Take my heart
I thought I’d never give you part
But I’ll split it with you
I never knew what I was getting into
I dug in, and I should have known it was too good to be true
It began like an old cartoon
Like Peppermint Patty and that Marcie goon
As soon as we started we stopped
Like a flower plucked too soon, flopped
As my vision became hazy
Like those paint by number it was crazy
I looked at you as you wiggled away
The sunlight was taken from my day
You tore apart my heart
Wish that we would sooner part
My stomach clenched
From reality I was wrenched
Made me double over
You were not my lucky clover
As my world melted before me
Like those candles we hung from our tree
My dear Alice,
You sent me to wonderland
And I never want to go again.

I'm Afraid to go to Bed

As I lay in bed my mind is meddled full of thoughts,
Things like;
How much I am clinging close
To you, because I love you.
So much, I want to see you,
24 hours of the day not 16.
Will you be in my

How will it be when I fall asleep?
Will I dream crazy dreams of flying
Though Velvet skies dotted with
Glimmering rhinestones? Or, Will
I sleep, and dream of
How much I am thinking.
About if I will dream or
Not. As to be making up
poetry in my head. Maybe
I should write this

How will I feel when I
Awake and realize I don’t
Remember my dreams.
Or maybe I
How much I have missed
You. When I finally do awake
From my Eight hour Nap.
Thinking, Did you miss me
And lastly, what was
I thinking when I was

The Undertow

This state that i am in
I think I've finally figured it out
The answer so unclear before
The haze fading out

Neck deep in depression
Reality I've been trying to escape
Hiding in the corners of darkened rooms
I'm falling deeper and sinking faster, fighting fate

This time as the water swallows me whole
I can't bring myself up
can't bring myself hope
I can't surface through the raging waves
I've begun to choke

The light drifting further and Further away
I know the next time
The reeds will pull me all the way
The dark engulfing me, until things aren't even gray

The dark of the ocean calls
As I make my way to rock bottom
I'll try to not give in, to swim
Agisnt the sweet nothings whispering in my ear
The secret wishes I've longed to hear

As I look down to whats clawing at my feet
A frightend look replaces one of tranquil and Peace
As memories, race and run up my legs
I begin to struggle
But now it's too late

Their strength is unbelievable
At my wish against they pull
My hope soon replaces
With fear, I'm not in control

Maybe I'll give up
Let myself be pulled down
Much to tired from the brutal pound
Sink until I drown

And I'll stay here and adapt
To the dark, down undertow
and lie in wait
for the covers to be pulled down low

Silent Secrets

"Tonights a chance I'm not taking
I'm always too scared to make a move
I'll sit here and keep on waiting
Until you decide to choose
I feel like I'm lost forever
In a world where everything involves you
I'll keep my place beside you
until you make me move.
It's hard to describe the impossible feelings
when you slip your arms around me
when you sing to me those thousands of words
when you grab my face and kiss me
make all my fears disappear
But i know this isn't only about me
it's not enough just for me to like you
you've got a say in this too
That's why I'm scared to tell you
The things I wish you could see
the visions of you and me,
laying in your arms and staring into your eyes
the kisses split between smiling teeth.
The romantic Ideals that my mind Perceives.
I get so scared that there's nothing I can do
I get so nervous whenever i try to tell you
because I'm afraid you'll think I'm too needy
to scared that you'll make the choice to leave me
that I'll never get the chance to show you all I can be.

If it was only just, you and me."